pyrolytic graphite

Pyrolytic graphite is a new type of carbon material.

graphite blocks

Graphite bricks (plates) come in many forms: molds for the foundry industry, bricks (plates) for anti-corrosion linings

Graphite mine

Research has shown that natural graphite mining can cause dust emissions. The purification of battery-grade anode products requires high quantities of sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, which may

Carbon graphite

Carbon graphite is black to steel gray and has a very soft, grease-like texture. Its molecular structure is hexagonal and exists in nature as a crystalline form of graphite, while amorphous (without a


Graphite is an opaque, non-metallic carbon polymorph with a black-silver color and a metallic to dull luster. Since it resembles metallic lead, it is also colloquially called black lead or graphite.

Graphite lubricants

Dry lubricants or solid lubricants are materials that, despite being in a solid phase, can reduce friction between two surfaces that slide against each other without the need for a liquid oil medium.

What is the application of flake graphite?

Scale graphite is a natural graphite ore with a shape similar to fish scales, which is a hexagonal crystal with a layered structure. It has good acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance

What are the characteristics of graphite products?

Graphite products are all kinds of finished products made of artificial graphite and natural graphite through processing, such as battery cores, graphite rods, graphite blocks, graphite paper, etc., a

New dual-gradient graphite anode material material realizes fast charging of lithium battery

The University of Science and Technology of China team and collaborators have developed a route for preparing graphite anode material from a polymer-binder-free slurry, which can universally construct

The anode material---lithium ion battery graphite

lithium ion battery graphite, also known as rocking chair battery, its important components are positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and electrolyte. At present, the positive electrode of

Is Graphite Powder Dangerous

Dangerous goods refer to flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, toxic, and radioactive materials. Such as gasoline, explosives, strong acid, strong alkali, benzene, naphthalene, celluloid, peroxide,

Factors affecting graphite as a negative electrode for high quality lithium ion batteries

Graphite anode material is the main raw material of lithium ion battery anode sheet. Due to its rough processing technology, late start and industry specificity, the product is prone to quality proble


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