Extruded Coal Activated Carbon Pellet Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon

The "Extruded Coal Activated Carbon Pellet" refers to the process of extruding coal into pellets and then washing them with acid to remove impurities, such as sulfur, phosphorus, and carbon dioxide. T

Coal Activated Carbon In Addition To Water Yellow Coal Activated Carbon

The parameter that is often used to describe the efficiency of coal activated carbon (CAC) in addition to water yellow coal activated carbon (YAC) is the "chemical adsorption capacity" or "吸附容量".

Sugar Grease Food Additives Decolorization Coal Based Powder High Iodine Activated Carbon Black Activated Charcoal 99% 264-846-4

This appears to be a list of various food additive colors and their properties, including decolorization capability, coal-based powder for high iodine activation, black activated carbon for active cha

Premium Activated Carbon Fiber Products Ultimate Air Purification Solution Catalyst Support

The Ultimate Air Purification Solution Catalyst Support Parameter is not typically included in the product description or specifications for Premium Activated Carbon Fiber Products. It is likely to be

Wood Based Activated Carbon Powder with High Methylene Blue Powdered Activated Carbon for Decolorization

Wood-based activated carbon powder is typically composed of wood chips or sawdust, and is often used in various applications where it can capture impurities from liquid or gas streams. The high methyl

3M Fluorocarbon surfactant FC-4430 3M fluorin surfactant original genuine fluorin leveling agent

FC-4430 is a brand name for 3M Fluorocarbon surfactant, and it is an original genuine fluorin leveling agent. This product is designed to improve the bonding of certain surfaces by reducing surface te

High CTC absorption Pellet activated carbon Columnar activated carbon Coal based activated carbon pellets

The "CTC absorbency" parameter refers to the amount of adsorbent material that can be effectively adsorbed by a substance in a given solution or liquid. The higher the CTC absorbency, the more effecti

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Granular Activated Carbon Water Treatment Activated Carbon for Gold Processing Recovery Refining

Coconut shell activated carbon granular activated carbon water treatment activator is used in the recovery and refining of gold. The use of coconut shell activated carbon granular activated carbon in

Pelletized Activated Carbon 1.5mm 4mm IV1050 CTC 50-75

The Pelletized Activated Carbon (PAC) filter is typically used in water treatment systems to remove impurities and contaminants from the water. The filter typically consists of a bed of granules or be

CTC80 Air Treatment 4mm Coal Based Pellet Activated Carbon

The CTC80 Air Treatment 4mm Coal-Based Pellet Activated Carbon (A.P.C.) parameter refers to the size of the activated carbon particles that are used in the treatment process.

Activated Carbon Powder Vegetable Carbon Color

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "activated carbon powder vegetable carbon color parameter". Can you please provide more context or clarify your question?


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