• 2023-01-13 20:20:03

Graphite Anode For Lithium Ion Battery

Graphite is an important material in lithium ion batteries. The anode is the part of the battery that conducts the electrical current. Depending on the type of battery, graphite has different properti

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  • 2023-01-12 16:20:04

Increased Graphite Powder Density

The present invention relates to a process for producing increased bulk density graphite powders. The process comprises: a) applying a mechanical surface treatment to graphite powder particles; b) acc

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  • 2023-01-11 14:00:05

Advantages of Electrode Machining (EDM)

Electrode machining (EDM) offers advantages over conventional machining. The process produces smooth surfaces without burrs. EDM can also accommodate tight tolerances and complex geometries.EDM machin

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  • 2023-01-10 09:40:04

How Artificial Graphite Is Made

The production of artificial graphite involves heat treatment of petroleum coke. This type of product is used in refractories, steel production, lubricants, and electrodes for electrochemical cells.Th

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  • 2023-01-09 02:40:03

Advantages and Disadvantages of EDM

EDM is an advanced technology that can be used to manufacture a wide variety of parts. Typically, this process involves the use of electrical discharges to machine conductive materials. It's a type of

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  • 2023-01-05 06:00:03

Graphite Anode and Cathode

For years, graphite has been used as an electrode in battery technologies. Its high redox energy, which lies above the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO), provides stability. However, its rela

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  • 2023-01-03 17:04:04

Graphite Anode Battery Technology

Graphite anodes are a crucial component of lithium-ion batteries. The anode is responsible for the storage of energy and the movement of lithium ions from anode to cathode during discharge. They featu

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  • 2023-01-01 10:20:03

Graphite Anode Battery

A graphite anode battery has been in production for many years. However, it has been known to generate flammable gases when used in the production of electric vehicles. Because of the safety risks ass

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  • 2022-12-30 22:20:03

Advantages of Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes have unique properties and are gaining attention in the field of medicine. This is because they can be used as a drug delivery system. In fact, they can be filled with a large molecul

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  • 2022-12-27 17:20:04

Li-Ion Graphite and Its Uses in Li-Ion Batteries

Graphite is one of the most important materials used in Li-ion batteries. It has a long cycle life and is able to hold a charge for a very long time. Nevertheless, its inherent weaknesses make it a ch

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  • 2022-12-27 12:00:03

Selecting an EDM Electrode Material

Electrode material plays a key role in EDM machining. Several factors need to be considered when selecting an electrode. The first is the material itself.The most common electrode materials used in ED

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  • 2022-12-26 08:20:04

Graphite Electrodes Uses

Graphite electrodes are used in electrolysis processes and arc welding. They are hard-wearing and durable. Graphite is a good conductor. It is also cheap. Therefore, graphite electrodes are widely use

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