what is the right way to charge lithium ion power battery?

What are the most important tips for charging and discharging lithium-ion power batteries in use?

To sum up, the most important tips for the charging and discharging of lithium-ion power batteries in use are:

1. Charge according to the standard time and procedure, even for the first three times

2. When the prompt of the machine power is too low , should try to start charging as soon as possible; 3. The activation of the lithium battery does not require any special method, and the lithium battery will be activated naturally in the normal use of the machine. If you insist on using the circulating "first three 2-hour long charge activation" method, it won't actually work.

Therefore, all the pursuit of 12-hour long charging and the use of lithium-ion power batteries for automatic shutdown are wrong.

Why should we pay attention to fire prevention when using lithium-ion power batteries?

Many people may be familiar with lithium-ion power batteries from mobile phones. In fact, it is used in many home appliances. Undoubtedly, the advantages of high efficiency and light weight of lithium-ion power batteries are making them rapidly popularized and applied.


Lithium batteries have the advantages of light weight, high efficiency and low temperature resistance (-40°C). Lithium batteries with a thickness of 0.3mm and the size of a postage stamp can be used continuously for more than 5 years and are widely used in many high-end home appliances and mobile phones.

The lithium-ion power battery is different from the zinc chloride and potassium hydroxide water-soluble electrolytes of the current manganese batteries and alkaline dry batteries. It uses an organic solvent lithium-ion power battery positive electrode adopts manganese dioxide, lead fluoride, and sodium chloride Sulfur and other materials. Compared with the zinc chloride used in the negative electrode of the general battery, the lithium metal foil used in the negative electrode has a strong ionization tendency and a large voltage difference between the positive and negative electrodes, which improves the working efficiency of the lithium-ion power battery.

However, lithium-ion power batteries often experience heat and combustion during use, which may affect the use of the mainframe in the lightest cases, or cause fires by burning the mainframe in severe cases. There have been many domestic fire accidents caused by the heating and burning of lithium-ion power batteries in Japan.

So why do lithium-ion power batteries heat up and burn? After many materials in the original lithium-ion power battery come into contact with water, a violent chemical reaction can occur and a large amount of heat can be released, resulting in heat generation and combustion. The manganese dioxide of the positive electrode of the lithium battery can generate heat with only a small drop of water. After the sulphurous chloride in the lithium battery contacts with water, it releases heat energy while generating hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. Several factors make the lithium battery a "tinder" in life, so people must pay attention to waterproof and prevent damp. After the various hosts are out of use, the lithium battery should be removed and stored in a dry and low temperature place to prevent and avoid home fire accidents caused by improper use of lithium batteries.

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