Graphite Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries

Graphite has dominated the anode material for Li-ion batteries since their birth, benefiting from its incomparable balance of relatively low cost, abundant availability, high energy and power density as well as very long cycle life. This performance demonstrates its unmatched potential for advanced LIBs for electric vehicles, stationary energy storage and aerospace applications.

The success of graphite as an anode material depends largely on the ability to host and store Li-ions inside its crystal lattice during charging and discharging processes in a battery, a process known as intercalation. The intercalation process enables the storage of the battery’s electrical energy by increasing the volume of the anode material while maintaining its structural integrity.

In order to boost the capacity of a graphite anode, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of Li-graphite intercalation and to regulate its structure in order to accelerate the kinetics of ion insertion. Moreover, the understanding of these fundamentals is also key for the development of new graphite-based anode materials that can achieve high reversible capacities.

Targray’s portfolio of high-performance anode powders includes natural and synthetic graphite, carbon black, conductive additives, LTO (lithium titanate), surface-functionalized Silicon as well as high-purity graphene, which are used in the production of anodes for Li-ion batteries. In addition, we offer a complete range of lithium ion battery cell components that include anode and cathode plates as well as separators.

Superior Graphite’s proprietary anode manufacturing technology is based on the agglomeration of spherodised precursor materials (petroleum coke, natural flake and/or used anode material from battery recycling) with a renewable binder and continuous high temperature treatment between 2,600-3,000°C to purify/graphitise and coat the anode material. The technology has been adapted to be able to produce specialised graphite anode materials for the fast growing lithium-ion market.

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