What do you have to know about graphene oxide?

Graphene oxide is a new type of two-dimensional nanomaterial that has broad application prospects in fields such as energy, materials science, biomedicine, etc., due to its unique structure and chemical properties. This article will introduce the preparation methods, properties, applications, and research progress in related fields of graphene oxide.


1Preparation method of graphene oxide

The preparation methods of graphene oxide are mainly divided into physical and chemical methods. The physical method involves separating graphene layers through physical peeling, sublimation, and other methods and then obtaining oxidized graphene through oxidation treatment. The chemical law is to oxidize graphite with an oxidant under the action of chemical reagents and then peel it off to obtain oxidized graphene.

2Properties of graphene oxide

  • Structural property

Oxidized graphene is a layered material composed of single-layer graphene sheets and oxidized groups. Its structure has a two-dimensional plane structure, which can be extended and extended along the plane direction. Meanwhile, due to the large amount of oxygen-containing functional groups on its surface, it has good dispersibility and stability in aqueous solutions.

  • Chemical property

Graphene oxide has strong chemical reactivity and can be modified and modified through various chemical reactions. For example, through a reduction reaction, oxidized graphene can be reduced to graphene, increasing its conductivity and stability. By grafting reaction, other functional molecules or nanoparticles can be modified onto the surface of graphene oxide, increasing its application range and functionality.


3Application of graphene oxide

  • Composite material

Due to its good dispersibility and chemical reactivity, graphene oxide can be composite with other materials to prepare composite materials with excellent performance. For example, mixing graphene oxide with polymers may dramatically improve the mechanical properties as well as thermostability of polymers.

  • Energy sector

Graphene oxide has broad application prospects in the energy field due to its good conductivity and chemical reactivity. For example, using it as an electrode material for batteries can improve the energy density and charge-discharge efficiency of the battery. In addition, graphene oxide can also be used in energy conversion fields such as solar cells and fuel cells to improve its photoelectric conversion efficiency and stability.


  • Biomedical field

Graphene oxide has broad application prospects in the biomedical field due to its biocompatibility and good biological activity. For example, using it as a drug carrier can increase drug targeting and efficacy and reduce toxic side effects. In addition, graphene oxide can also be used in fields such as biological imaging and detection to improve its sensitivity and accuracy in detecting biomolecules.

  • Environmental governance field

Graphene oxide has broad application prospects in the field of environmental governance due to its adsorption performance and environmental responsiveness. For example, using it in the field of water treatment can effectively adsorb and remove heavy metal ions and organic pollutants from water. In addition, graphene oxide can also be used in the field of atmospheric governance to effectively reduce the concentration of PM2.5 and harmful gases in the air.


4Research progress

In recent years, research on graphene oxide has become one of the hotspots in many disciplines like materials science as well as biology, chemistry, and many more. In terms of preparation methods, people are constantly exploring new preparation techniques and methods to improve yield and purity and reduce preparation costs. In terms of properties, researchers have further expanded the application range and functional performance of graphene oxide through functional modification and modification.

At present, graphene oxide has been widely applied and studied in fields such as energy, environmental governance, and biomedicine. In the future, with the continuous deepening and improvement of research on its preparation technology, properties, and applications, graphene oxide will be applied and developed in more fields and is expected to bring more sustainable and green materials and technological solutions to humanity.


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