What are the types of graphite powder?

What is graphite powder

Graphite powder is a mineral powder with carbon carbon, soft, black and gray; greasy, can pollute paper. The hardness is 1~2, and the hardness can increase to 3~5 in the vertical direction. The specific ratio is 1.9 to 2.3.

Characteristics of graphite powder

Graphite powder is soft. Under the condition of oxygen isolation, its melting point is more than 3000℃, which is one of the minerals with high-temperature resistance. At room temperature, graphite powder is stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid, and dilute alkali; oxygen and oxygen are insufficient to produce carbon monoxide; fluorine energy directly reacts with elemental carbon; at high temperatures, it can be used to reduce many metal oxides, smelting metals, such as iron making.


kinds of graphite powder

Graphite and the love symbol of diamond, diamond, and carbon 60 are all single particles of carbon elements, which are allomorphic. The main types of graphite powder are as follows:

Scaly graphite powder  

Scaly graphite powder is a crystalline mineral of carbon elements, which looks like a fish scale, and the crystalline lattice is a hexagonal layered structure. The distance between each single network layer is 340pm, and the spacing of the carbon atoms in the same mesh layer is 142pm. It is a hexagonal crystal system, with a complete layered cleavage. Good high-temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plastic and acid, and alkali resistance properties. 

Nano graphite powder

Nano graphite powder is a product of graphite powder particles through the nanoscale screen, and the particle size of nano graphite powder reaches the nanoscale. Particle size index: D100 <1000nm, D50 <400nm, and the carbon content is greater than 99.99%. Nano graphite powder is an ideal solid lubrication material, forming chemical bonding on the metal surface, a large amount of nano graphite suspended in the lubricating oil, reducing resistance and friction reduction, sealing self-lubrication. Widely used in the chemical industry, steel lubrication, aerospace, lubricating oil, and other fields.

Soil graphite powder 

Soil graphite powder, also known as microcrystalline graphite, high quality, high fixed carbon content, less harmful impurities, very low sulfur, iron content, stable chemical properties, not affected by strong acid and alkali, in a domestic and foreign graphite market enjoys a high reputation, known as the "gold sand" reputation.

In addition to the above types, graphite powder is also divided into high purity graphite powder, casting graphite powder, colloidal graphite powder, etc.

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