The advantages of lithium-ion batteries

1. High specific energy, the ratio of energy to mass of lithium-ion battery can reach 120~200Wh/kg, which is the highest among current batteries. Since metallic lithium is very light, it has the most charge under the same mass.

2. The discharge voltage is high, and the discharge voltage is generally above 3.2V~4.2V.

3. Low self-discharge. Under normal storage conditions, the monthly self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is only about 5%.

4. Long cycle life, no memory effect, ordinary lithium secondary battery can charge and discharge more than 500 times at 100% discharge depth. Such as lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium titanate battery as the negative electrode of the battery cycle life exceeds 2000 and 5000 times respectively.

5. High charging efficiency, energy conversion efficiency can reach more than 90% during battery cycle charging and discharging.

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