Silicon Monoxide Formula

silicon monoxide formula (SiO) is an odorless, tasteless compound found naturally as the main component of many minerals such as quartz, tridymite, amethyst, cristobalite and sand. It is also a natural part of the composition of plants and can be ingested by herbivorous animals. It is used in many industrial applications, including as an abrasive and a polishing agent. It is also a common food additive, serving as an anti-caking agent in powdered foods such as spices and supplements.

The detailed optical and electrical properties of SiO films vary considerably with the oxidation state of the film. Pure SiO films have a strong characteristic infrared absorption peak at wavelengths extending from about 10 microns up into the blue portion of the spectrum, while films with high levels of free silicon have strong absorption in the ultraviolet and blue region of the spectrum. By carefully varying the evaporation rate or oxygen pressure, films with characteristics between the extremes can be produced.

In vacuum systems where high rates of deposition are required, the intimate contact between the silica crucible and the graphite susceptor causes considerable wear of both the crucible and the susceptor, especially in locations that allow easy escape paths for gases. This tends to create pinholes in the deposited film and reduces its dielectric strength, but by using a specialized susceptor design, or by carefully controlling the evaporation rate or oxygen pressure, good films can be obtained with very low levels of contamination.

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