Graphite Anode Suppliers for EVs

With EV demand surging, graphite anode suppliers must ensure adequate supply to support lithium-ion battery production. The demand for graphite, which accounts for a significant 25% to 30% of an EV battery’s weight, is growing at an eye-watering pace driven by the rising appetite for electric vehicles.

While a number of factors are adding stability to graphite prices, a new development is especially notable. Unlike other commodities, which trade on a stock exchange, the market for graphite is opaque and therefore more resilient to speculation. This, combined with a new wave of investment and development in EV technology, has helped to steady graphite pricing.

A new company, Anovion Technologies, is set to build a graphite anode materials manufacturing plant in Decatur County. The company’s plant will produce synthetic graphite that is designed to meet the high energy density demands of EV batteries. Using the company’s patented process, Anovion will combine natural flake graphite with carbonaceous fillers to create a material that can be extruded into anode rods and baked to 1,000 degC, which completes the graphitization of the pitch binder.

The resulting anode has a very low surface area that reduces irreversible loss and increases battery performance. In addition, the company’s material has been optimized for a range of lithium-ion battery chemistries. Its anode is less prone to thermal failure and can handle higher cell voltages and more cycles than the current industry standard. This enables Anovion to offer its customers a cost-effective alternative.

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