First controlled clinical trial in humans confirms that graphene nanomaterials can be developed safely

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, February 18 (Reporter Zhang Jiaxin) British researchers announced an important discovery: The first strictly controlled exposure clinical trial in humans showed that inhaling specific graphene will not cause short-term adverse effects on lung or cardiovascular function. Influence. This means that graphene, a nanomaterial, can be developed safely without posing significant risks to human health. The relevant paper was published in the journal Nature Nanomaterials on the 16th.

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Graphene was first isolated in 2004. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra-strong, ultra-flexible, and is known as a "miracle" material. It may be used in electronic products, mobile phone screens, clothing, paint, and water purification. In addition, scientists are actively exploring graphene's role in targeted treatments for cancer and other diseases, such as making it into implantable devices and sensors. However, before medical applications, all nanomaterials must be tested for potential adverse effects.

The human trials used ultrapure graphene oxide nanoflakes, a miscible material with water. Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Manchester recruited 14 volunteers who participated in the study under strictly controlled exposure and clinical monitoring conditions. Volunteers wore masks and breathed ultrapure graphene oxide for 2 hours while cycling in a specially designed mobile laboratory. Their lung function, blood pressure, coagulation, and blood levels were measured before and every two hours after exposure. Inflammation levels. A few weeks later, the volunteers returned to the clinic for repeated controlled exposures to different qualities of graphene oxide or clean air for comparison.

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The results showed that inhaling ultrapure graphene oxide had no adverse effects on lung function, blood pressure, or other biological parameters. The researchers noted slight indications that inhaling the substance might affect the way blood clots, but the effects were very small. However, further investigation is needed to determine the potential effects of higher doses and prolonged exposure to graphene.

Researchers say nanomaterials such as graphene are promising, but they must be manufactured safely before they can be used more widely in life. A giant step forward in understanding how graphene affects the human body has been taken by exploring the safety of this unique material in human volunteers. The discovery could open the door to developing new devices, treatments and monitoring techniques.

The graphene era is coming, and China is the first to break through

China's investment in scientific and technological innovation must be addressed. In recent years, China has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and increased its support for research and development. China has long been aware of its huge potential as a cutting-edge technology. Therefore, it has formulated corresponding policies and plans to encourage enterprises and scientific research institutions to increase graphene's research, development, and application. The support gives China's graphene research team sufficient funds and resources to conduct more in-depth technical research and exploration.

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China has also made huge breakthroughs in talent training. To cultivate talents, Chinese universities and scientific research institutions have opened graphene-related majors and established graphene research centers, attracting many outstanding scientists and scholars to participate. The addition of these professionals not only enriches China's graphene research team but also injects fresh blood into China's R&D work. Through continuous investment in talent training, China has gradually formed a large and powerful graphene technology team, giving China a competitive advantage in leading the graphene era.

China has also achieved positive results in market development. Combining technological innovation with market demand is one of the important factors for China's successful breakthrough. China has the world's largest manufacturing base and consumer market, which provides broad space for the promotion and application of graphene technology. Chinese companies have actively responded to national policies and increased the research, development, and production of graphene products, promoting the commercialization process of graphene technology. At the same time, the huge demand in the Chinese market has also provided strong support for developing the graphene industry.

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China also attaches great importance to international cooperation. China cooperates with countries worldwide to carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, accelerating the dissemination and innovation of graphene technology. The Chinese graphene team can better understand and learn from international advanced technologies and achieve more breakthroughs through cooperation with international scientific research institutions and enterprises. China has also actively formulated international standards and rules through international cooperation, providing strong support for Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions to compete in the international market.

It is no accident that China broke through first in the graphene era and became the leader in graphene technology. Factors such as China's support, talent training, market development, and international cooperation have combined to give China a competitive advantage in the graphene field. With the continuous development and application of graphene technology, China will continue to maintain its leading position in the graphene era and contribute more to the world's scientific and technological progress.

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