Chinese and American universities collaborate to launch the world's first graphene chip, which is ten times faster!

We all know that the main raw material of integrated circuits is still silicon, and most of the wafers are made of silicon.

In the wafer manufacturing process, researchers believe that when silicon wafers reach 1 nanometer, it will be difficult to improve further because the process technology has approached its physiological limits.

Therefore, scientists are looking for other materials that can replace silicon, such as carbon-based materials, graphene materials, optical chips, and quantum computers.

Chinese and American universities collaborate to launch the world's first graphene chip, which is ten times faster! 

Not long ago, a scientific research team successfully developed the world's first graphene wafer. The members of this team are not from the United States but are researchers from two universities in China and the United States.

This team comprises Georgia Tech University in the United States and China University in Tianjin. The leaders of this project are Professor De Hill from Georgia Tech University, Professor Ma Lei from Tianjin University, and the Executive Director of Tianjin National International Research Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems.

A scientific research team has developed the world's first graphene semiconductor. Experiments have shown that the material has an electron transport capacity 10 times higher than silicon.

As we all know, the computing performance of an integrated circuit mainly depends on its internal carrier concentration. When the carrier concentration reaches more than 10 times, its computing speed will be 10 times faster than that of silicon-based chips.

This means that when silicon chips end, the next graphene chip will be used to replace silicon.

Chinese and American universities collaborate to launch the world's first graphene chip, which is ten times faster! 

Ma Rui said that although this idea is wonderful, it takes work to implement industrialization on Earth. "It will take another 10 to 15 years for graphite films to fully play their role on this planet."

Therefore, the only thing we can do now is to put these things in the future, but we have to wait ten or fifteen years for it to become a reality.

In addition, in silicon wafers below 3 nm and the physical manufacturing process that has been formed, much basic research on new materials is particularly necessary.

As for carbon-based chips and graphene chips, they are also good choices. The difference lies in which new material is easier to industrialize and which one is more suitable for PPT. These are just words on paper. Even if you have PPT, you can't make is become reality.

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