China's basic research on graphene has made important progress

Recently, Associate Professor Guo Zeyu from the School of Materials Science and Art and Design of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University published an online titled "Hollow'graphene'microtubes using a polyacrylonitrile nanofiber template and their potential applications of field emission" in the internationally renowned nanomaterials journal "Carbon". Fiber-template preparation of hollow graphene microtubes and their potential applications in field emission).


The study reported a simplified preparation process of connecting graphene nanosheets to form graphene hollow microtubes (GHMs). By changing the reaction conditions, the tube diameter can be adjusted in the range of 100-500 nm. Studies have found that when graphene oxide (G-O)/PAN carbon fibers are annealed in an ammonia atmosphere, N atoms on the edges of graphene nanosheets can replace C atoms, and graphene sheets can be seamlessly connected. The G-O/carbon nanofiber frame is used as a constraining template, and graphene sheets are bent around it to form a tubular structure. This achievement has considerable application prospects in the field emission of devices. Its field emission characteristics are: low turn-on voltage 0.18 V/μm (J=10 μA/cm2), low threshold field 0.35 V/μm (at J= 10 mA/cm2) and high field emission stability. This process of preparing graphene microtubes provides the possibility of large-scale production of graphene microtubes with adjustable diameters. This kind of graphene microtubes with adjustable diameters are used in biomedicine, drug carriers, agricultural fertilizers, and biomass photosynthesis. And so on have potential applications.

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