216-A 99.95 CAS 7782-42-5 Battery Grade Graphite Natural compound graphite powder for li-ion battery anode

2020-08-12 16:17



Features of natural compound graphite powder
1) High-energy density

2) Long-lifetime

3) Low expansion

Application of natural compound graphite powder
Our Natural compound graphite powder is specially used in 3C digital.

Technical index of natural compound graphite powder

No.NameUnitStandardTest method and instrument model
1Particle sizeD10μm7.0±2.0Bt-9300s laser granulometer
2TAPg/cc1.0±0.1Bt-300 fully automatic vibration tester
3SSAm²/g2.0±0.5Nitrogen adsorption ratio table BET method
4Purity%≥99.95Muffle furnace Calcination
5Compacted Density%1.68-1.72Full battery design gram capacity / compaction density
Capacity per GrammAh/g360-363
6True densityg/cc≥2.22Quantachrome true density meter

Storage of natural compound graphite powder

1) Natural compound graphite powder should be stored in a dry, ventilated place where there is no other sources of pollution (recommended: temperature ≤ 45 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%);

2) Natural compound graphite powder should be neatly stacked,  and the production batch number, date and other signs should be clearly identified;

3) Natural compound graphite powder should be carefully Handled during transportation to avoid the damage 

of the packaging; products that leak out of the package must not be returned to the box.