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What is the use of graphite paper?

2021-01-06 09:03


Graphite paper: High-carbon phosphorus flake graphite is chemically treated and expanded and rolled at high temperature. It is the basic material for manufacturing various graphite seals.

The main purpose of graphite paper application technology: used in notebook computers, flat panel displays, digital cameras, mobile phones and personal assistant devices.


It is widely used in dynamic and static sealing of machines, pipes, pumps, valves in electric power, petroleum, chemical, instrumentation, machinery, diamond and other industries. It is an ideal new sealing material to replace traditional seals such as rubber, fluoroplastics and asbestos.

With the acceleration of the upgrading of electronic products and the increasing demand for heat dissipation management of mini, highly integrated, and high-performance electronic devices, a brand-new new heat dissipation technology for electronic products, that is, a new solution for heat dissipation of graphite materials, has also been introduced. This new natural graphite solution uses graphite paper to dissipate heat efficiently, occupy a small space, and is light in weight. It conducts heat evenly in two directions, eliminates "hot spots", shields heat sources and components, and improves the performance of consumer electronic products.