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The importance and use of strategic non-metallic mineral graphite

2020-11-16 09:57


Graphite has always been an important strategic resource indispensable for the development of military industry and modern industry. Graphite is mainly used in the production of lithium-ion battery anode materials, new power batteries, and super capacitors in the new energy automobile industry; in the new energy industry, it is mainly used in the production of solar cells. , Wind power storage battery; in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, it is mainly used to produce sealing materials and neutron moderators; in the new generation of information technology industry, it is used to produce high-energy storage and key electronic materials. The development and utilization of graphene has raised the use of graphite to a new level. In the future, graphite and its products will be widely used in aerospace satellites, smart phones, tablet computers, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, solar cells and other fields, becoming strategic emerging materials. China, Japan, the European Union, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, OECD and other countries have successively introduced industrial policies related to graphite development, including graphite as a "key mineral" or "strategic mineral", and the United States has listed graphite as a "crisis mineral".


(1) Application of graphite in strategic emerging industries

High-end equipment manufacturing: used as a neutron moderator and protective material in atomic bomb reactors. Flexible graphite is used to seal nuclear valves; nozzles for solid fuel rockets, nose cones for missiles, parts of aerospace equipment, heat insulation materials and radiation protection materials. Radio links and conductive structural materials on artificial satellites;

New energy: 64% natural flake graphite is required for the high-temperature air-cooled fuel matrix material for nuclear energy. The good electrical conductivity of graphite can be used to make solar cells and wind power storage batteries for use in photovoltaic and other clean energy fields to save energy consumption;

New energy vehicles: Natural graphite anode materials are the key raw materials for lithium-ion batteries. Natural graphite materials are used to produce lithium-ion batteries, new power batteries, super capacitors, and are used in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, solar vehicles and other fields;

A new generation of information technology: Graphene lithium batteries are used in chargers such as communication base stations, notebook computers, and mobile phones; graphene supercapacitors provide energy storage for telecommunications and data communications; graphene can also be made into foldable display screens. In the future, graphene will be used in computer chips; it is expected to make computer processors run hundreds of times faster, making the next generation of supercomputers;

New material field: The main application directions of new coatings and inks for functional fillers include graphene heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings used in marine, chemical and other fields; graphene water-based inorganic coatings; a new generation of graphene inorganic powder coatings; used in non-stick coatings and Graphene thermal conductive paint for LED lamps;

Energy saving and environmental protection: sewage treatment, radioactive waste cleaning, etc.;

Biology: medical disinfectants, chemotherapy drugs, DNA sequencing, artificial muscles, food packaging.