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New method of graphene functionalization

2020-12-17 16:09


Graphene has outstanding physical, optical and mechanical properties and has been used in transparent touch screens, aerospace and biomedical fields. However, graphene has relatively few uses in the electronic field. Mainly because, unlike semiconductors used in electronics, graphene lacks a band gap. In electronics, this band gap refers to the space where there is no energy level that can be occupied by electrons. It is essential for the interaction with light. of.


Multidisciplinary research teams from Canada, China, Denmark, France, and the United Kingdom successfully modified graphene to create a band gap. The current research is still basic, but it may have an impact in the field of optoelectronics in the next few years, such as in the manufacturing of photodetectors or in the field of solar energy, including the manufacture of high-performance photovoltaic cells, converting solar energy into electricity, or In the field of electronics, extreme miniaturization of devices is achieved.