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  • The mechanism of graphite lubrication

    The mechanism of graphite lubrication

    Graphite has a hexagonal crystal structure. Because the bonding force between the surfaces parallel to the foundation surface is weak, these crystals are easy to shear between the surfaces, that is, the friction force is small, and at the same time, it can support the load perpendicular to the foundation surface, so the bearing capacity is strong, and the friction coefficient is small. It has the best properties as a solid lubricant.

  • Lithium-ion battery anode material PK: graphite vs silicon material

    Lithium-ion battery anode material PK: graphite vs silicon material

    Graphite materials are the veterans of the lithium-ion battery industry and have many excellent qualities. However, with the emergence of a number of high-performance anode materials in recent years, it has threatened the status of graphite materials and performed a drama of falling in love and killing each other. As an outstanding representative of new materials, silicon anode material is really unreasonable with graphite.

  • Why can graphite be used as a pencil?

    Why can graphite be used as a pencil?

    The main components of the lead core of the pencil are graphite and clay. According to the national standard, pencils are divided into 18 models according to the graphite concentration. In the current standardized test in our country, the computer can only read the pencil handwriting with a lead concentration of 2B. Too thick or too light will cause computer failure or error in reading.

  • What is a graphite electrode?

    What is a graphite electrode?

    Graphite electrode refers to a kind of resistant material made by using petroleum coke and pitch coke as aggregate and coal pitch as binder through raw material calcination, crushing and grinding, batching, kneading, molding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization and mechanical processing. High-temperature graphite conductive material, called artificial graphite electrode (referred to as graphite electrode), to distinguish it from natural graphite electrodes prepared from natural graphite.

  • What is the use of graphite paper?

    What is the use of graphite paper?

    The main purpose of graphite paper application technology: used in notebook computers, flat panel displays, digital cameras, mobile phones and personal assistant devices.

  • What is graphite lubricant?

    What is graphite lubricant?

    Graphite has a flaky crystal structure with good lubricating properties. It also has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, pressure resistance, temperature resistance (temperature up to 450°C), and chemical stability. Therefore, graphite is widely used in the machinery industry to make various lubricants.