What is the trend of anode material industry?

1. In the short term, artificial graphite will still be the mainstream of the market, and natural graphite will be gradually replaced
The top ten domestic anode material companies have expanded artificial graphite on a large scale since 2016, and their production capacity will be released on a large scale in 2018, which will further widen the gap between man-made and natural. At the same time, since artificial graphite is better than natural graphite in terms of cycle performance and stability of power batteries, the demand for artificial graphite in the power battery market will continue to increase.
2. Silicon-based anode materials will become the key development direction of domestic anode material enterprises, and there is huge room for future development
At present, the actual output of silicon-based anode materials in my country has exceeded the thousand-ton level, which has increased by nearly ten times compared with the one-hundred-ton level before 2016. With the continuous maturity of technology in the future, the current products have been well applied in the field of digital cylinders. By 2018, more than one thousand tons will be used in the field of power batteries, and it is expected that the national output is expected to exceed ten thousand tons by 2020.
3. The price of artificial graphite anode materials will still fall and maintain a downward trend
With the further improvement of the market concentration of anode materials in my country, the production capacity of needle coke, graphitization and anode materials has continued to expand, and the production scale has continued to expand.
4. Industrial extension and upstream layout will become the most favorable competitive factors in the future market price war of enterprises
In 2016-2017, the upstream needle coke and graphitization processing of anode materials, due to the sharp rise in market supply and demand and environmental protection prices, rose by more than 200%. In the face of cost pressure, many companies have started selective production, targeting large customers and customers with better account periods.
With the continuous advancement of the country's environmental protection policies, some small and medium-sized graphitization factories are facing rectification or closure, and the market graphitization price has also increased. It is required to continuously reduce material prices every year. In this context, many large-scale anode material companies have begun to deploy the upstream needle coke field and establish their own graphitization plants.


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