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Is Graphite Powder Dangerous

2019-12-03 10:11


Dangerous goods refer to flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, toxic, and radioactive materials. Such as gasoline, explosives, strong acid, strong alkali, benzene, naphthalene, celluloid, peroxide, and so on, transportation and storage, should be following the regulations on dangerous goods.

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1, engaged in the transport of dangerous goods drivers must have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, firmly establish the social enterprise people's lives and property responsibility.


2. Drivers engaged in the transport of dangerous goods must hold the "dangerous transport certificate" issued by the fire department within the valid period.


3. Transportation of chemical and dangerous goods should be in advance to understand the performance of the products, fire control, disinfection, and other measures. The packaging containers, tools, and protective equipment should be carefully checked.


4. Do not smoke or use open fire when transporting or parking in dangerous areas.


5, where the container of dangerous goods, found leakage, damage, and other phenomena, without modification and other safety measures before, easy to cause oxidation decomposition, spontaneous combustion or explosion phenomenon, should immediately take self-help, to the leadership, the factory, the local fire department report, as soon as possible, proper treatment and solution.

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Graphite powder is a kind of battery cathode material. The technological process of graphite powder is, after the blasting of the ore through the car sent into the broken stone machine for crushing, and then into the ball mill for flotation, the flotation of the graphite wet material posted into the ball mill grinding selection, the selected slippery plastic bagged into the drenching machine drenching, become drenching material, drenching material has been finished graphite products. Pour dry cloth into the drying workshop, drying after bagging, that is, ordinary graphite powder finished carbon content of the average of 90%. It is used to make pencil refills, graphite electrodes for batteries, and lubricants for cable cars. Graphite is soft and greasy. Excellent electrical conductivity. Color gray or steel gray, metal luster, with lubrication, accessible to dye hands, stable chemical performance, good heat and electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, because its crystal is small, plastic strong adhesion, so it is not classified as dangerous goods!

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Graphite powder itself is no harm. Still, for a long time in the graphite powder environment, you need to pay attention to because the graphite powder particles are tiny, graphite dust will enter the lungs through the human respiratory tract, which will cause harm to the human body. It is protected by wearing a wet mask. Graphite powder and oil mixed graphite oil in the high temperature will only have a pungent smell, as long as the protection, protection measures in place will not cause harm to the human body.