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Application of expandable graphite in battery

2022-05-25 11:02


Expandable graphite is widely used, and graphite in battery is one of them. Let you know more about the use of expandable graphite in battery.

Application in mercury-free high-energy battery

Expanded graphite can be used in mercury-free high-energy battery - alkaline silver oxide high-energy battery. The cathode material of this battery is AgO or Ag2O, but both AgO and Ag2O are weakly conductive substances. When using it as a cathode, it must be added Only a suitable amount of conductive medium can make the cathode have suitable conductive properties. At present, it is commonly used to add 5% to 15% earthy graphite as a conductive medium in the silver oxide cathode material. If expanded graphite is used instead, compared with earthy graphite, the battery with less dosage and strong conductivity has higher pulse characteristics, and the voltage can be increased by 15% to 30%. The root cause is the oxidation of expanded graphite. Inline bonds in the layered structure of the silver cathode interconnect the graphite particles and spread throughout the cathode, whereas this layered structure is absent in the silver oxide cathode containing earthy graphite.


Application in ordinary zinc-manganese battery (dry battery)

The cells of ordinary zinc-manganese battery are mostly acetylene black used in Germany and the United States in this century. They have many production processes, strict requirements, high prices, and unsatisfactory electrical conductivity. Using high-purity expanded graphite instead of acetylene black as the electrode, its open circuit voltage, short-circuit current and load voltage are higher than those of the battery produced by acetylene black, and it also improves the production conditions and reduces the production cost.

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