natural graphite and artificial graphite

What is the difference between natural graphite and artificial graphite?

What is the natural and artificial graphite?

Natural graphite, as the name suggests, is the natural graphite naturally formed in nature, generally with graphite schist, graphite gneiss, schist containing graphite and metamorphic shale and other ores appear. The naturally produced graphite is rarely pure and often contains impurities. Natural graphite minerals are iron-black and steel-gray. Graphite materials obtained by organic carbonization and then through graphite and high temperature treatment can be called artificial graphite, such as carbon fiber, pyrolysis carbon, foam graphite and so on.石墨粉2

The difference between the crystal structures of natural graphite and artificial graphite. 

The crystal development of natural graphite is relatively perfect, and the graphitization degree of flake graphite is above 98%, while the graphitization degree of natural microcrystalline graphite is usually below 93%. The crystal development degree of artificial graphite depends on the raw material and the heat treatment temperature. In general, the higher the heat treatment temperature, the higher the graphitization degree is. Current industrial production of artificial graphite, its graphite chemical degree is usually less than 90%.

The difference between the tissue structure of natural graphite and artificial graphite 

Natural flake graphite is a kind of single crystal, a simple tissue structure, with only crystallographic defects (such as point defects, dislocation, layer error, etc.), the macroscopic performance of anisotropy characteristics. The grains of the natural microcrystalline graphite are small, with the disorderly arrangement between the grains and the holes after the impurity removal, macroscopically showing the isotropy. Artificial graphite can be regarded as a multiphase material, including graphite phase transformed by carbon particles such as petroleum coke or tar coke, graphite phase transformed by coal asphalt binder coated around the particles, particles accumulation or pores formed after heat treatment of coal asphalt binder.

The difference between the physical form of natural graphite and artificial graphite

Natural graphite usually exists in powder form and can be used alone, but usually when combined with other materials. Artificial graphite has more forms, both powder, and fibrous and block, and the narrow sense of artificial graphite is usually a block, the user needs to be processed into a certain shape.

The difference between the physical and chemical properties of natural graphite and artificial graphite

In terms of physical and chemical properties, natural graphite and artificial graphite have both common but also differences in performance. For example, natural graphite and artificial graphite are thermal and electric good conductors, but for the same purity and particle size of graphite powder, natural flake graphite has the best thermal transfer performance and electrical conductivity, followed by natural microcrystalline graphite, artificial graphite is the lowest. Graphite has good lubrication and certain plasticity, natural flake graphite crystal development is more perfect, small friction coefficient, the best lubrication, the highest plasticity, and dense crystalline graphite and cryptocrystalline graphite second, artificial graphite is poor.

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