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Graphite bricks (plates) come in many forms: molds for the foundry industry, bricks (plates) for anti-corrosion linings

What is usually said is that the impregnated graphite carbon plate and graphite carbon brick are made of high-quality graphite carbon material, and become impermeable material by impregnating the impregnating agent with strong acid resistance. It is refined by high pressure forming, vacuum impregnation and high temperature heat treatment, and has extraordinary acid and temperature resistance. It is an ideal lining material for phosphoric acid reaction tanks, phosphoric acid storage tanks and other equipment in the chemical industry.

The features of graphite blocks:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance;

2. Good thermal conductivity;

3. Good anti-leakage performance.

The application of graphite bricks in blast furnace

High thermal conductivity graphite bricks are used in the positions of the 4350m3 blast furnaces of Baosteel and Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. from the waist, the hearth to the furnace body. They are used in the highest temperature zone II and zone III, and bear the most intense thermal stress, so they give full play to their good performance. Thermal conductivity and high temperature strength.

What are graphite blocks used for?

Graphite block is used for silicon carbide furnace, graphitization furnace and other metallurgical furnace, resistance furnace as furnace lining and conductive material, but also for impermeable graphite heat exchanger. Graphite blocks are widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other fields.


How is graphite blocks made?

The graphite blocks are obtained by mixing graphite flakes of any size with graphene oxide sheets and subjecting the mixture to elevated temperature and pressure. With this method large graphite blocks can be obtained economically and fast.

How many degrees of high temperature graphite blocks?

It can be said that the graphite plate has many special features, so when choosing, you still need to understand it in advance to know whether it is suitable or not. The following editor will introduce to you how much the graphite plate can withstand high temperature.

How high is the graphite plate resistant to high temperature?

It is about 4000 degrees. If it is under normal pressure and the temperature is 600 degrees, then the oxygen in the atmosphere will react. Therefore, the high temperature resistance under normal pressure can only be below 600 degrees, so it will not affect it. Used and made of materials, it will start to oxidize when it is 350 degrees in the atmosphere, but it can be treated with anti-oxidation, and the temperature resistance can reach 1200 degrees

High quality graphite supplier

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