What is natural graphite?

Natural graphite, as the name implies, is naturally occurring graphite, generally in the form of graphite schist, graphite gneiss, graphite-bearing schist and metamorphic shale, among other ores.


What are properties of natural graphite?

Natural graphite minerals are iron black, steel gray, bright black streaks; metallic luster, cryptocrystal aggregates are dull and opaque; hardness is anisotropic, vertical cleavage plane is 3-5, parallel cleavage plane is 1-2 ; Soft, the density is 2.09~2.23g/, There is a greasy feeling, and it is easy to contaminate the fingers. Mineral flakes are generally opaque in transmitted light, very thin flakes can transmit light, light greenish-gray, with a refractive index of 1.93 to 2.07, light brownish-gray under reflected light, with obvious reflection pleochroism, Ro gray with brown, Re dark blue-gray, The reflectance is Ro23 (red), Re5.5 (red), the reflection color and double reflection are obvious, the heterogeneity is strong, and the polarization color is straw yellow.

What advantages of natural graphite?

Natural graphite has the basic advantages of low cost, high degree of crystallization, mature technology of purification, pulverization and classification, low charge-discharge voltage platform and high theoretical specific capacity.

What types of natural graphite are there?

The technological properties and uses of graphite are mainly determined by its degree of crystallization. Natural graphite can be divided into two industrial types: crystalline graphite (flake graphite) and cryptocrystalline graphite (earth graphite) according to its crystalline form.

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