What is crystalline graphite?

Crystalline graphite is also called flake graphite. In crystalline graphite ores, the graphite crystals are larger than 1μm in diameter and are flake shaped; the ore grade is low, but the selectivity is good; the minerals associated with graphite are often mica, feldspar, quartz, tremolite, tremolite, garnet and a small amount of pyrite, calcite, etc. Some are also associated with rutile and vanadium and other useful components; the ore is flake shaped, granular flake or granular varicose structure, flake, lamellar or massive structure.

What are the types of crystalline graphite?

Crystalline (flake) graphite is divided into high-purity graphite, high-carbon graphite, medium-carbon graphite and low-carbon graphite according to the fixed carbon content.

High-purity graphite

High-purity graphite (fixed carbon content greater than or equal to 99.9%) is mainly used for flexible graphite sealing materials, nuclear graphite, instead of platinum crucibles for chemical reagent melting and lubricant base materials;

High carbon graphite

High carbon graphite (fixed carbon content of 94.0% to 99.9%) is mainly used in refractory materials, lubricant base materials, brush materials, electric carbon products, battery materials, pencil materials, fillers and coatings, etc.;


Medium carbon graphite

Medium carbon graphite (fixed carbon content of 80% to 94%) is mainly used in crucibles, refractory materials, casting materials, casting coatings, pencil raw materials, battery raw materials and dyes, etc.;

Low carbon graphite

Low carbon graphite (fixed carbon content of 50.0% to 80.0%) is mainly used for casting coatings.

What are the causes of crystalline graphite?

One of the causes of flake graphite ore is regional metamorphism, that is, the sedimentary rock originally containing a large amount of organic matter undergoes moderate to deep regional metamorphism, so that carbonaceous gasification overflows, and it is cooled and recrystallized under suitable geological conditions to form high-quality flake graphite. Crystal; another origin is contact metasomatism, also known as skarn deposits, mostly born in the contact of plutonic igneous rocks and limestones, where most of the carboniferous rocks have been skarnized.

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