What is amorphous graphite?

Amorphous graphite, is also known as microcrystalline graphite and black lead powder. Amorphous graphite does not really have no graphite crystals as its name suggests, but its crystals are so small that it has a microcrystalline structure. x-ray analysis shows that amorphous earthy graphite contains 15% to 45% crystallised graphite, hence the name amorphous graphite is also referred to as microcrystalline graphite.

What types of amorphous graphite can be classified?

Amorphous earthy graphite can be divided into two types according to its output form: dispersed earthy graphite ores and dense massive earthy graphite ores


Dispersed earthy graphite ores are mainly found in the fracture zone or on the fracture surface of the scaled graphite ore, with a vitrified structure. The composition is complex and unstable, consisting mainly of plagioclase, quartz, graphite, tremolite and chlorite. The scales are crushed and broken into small fragments, some of which are in the form of black stars, making it difficult to identify the crystalline form with the naked eye. The ore is of low grade, generally 2% to 3%, and has no industrial value.

Dense massive earthy graphite ores are mostly produced by contact metamorphism of coal fields subjected to thermal alteration. The ore is a dense black lump with a range of characteristics from graphite to anthracite. The graphite content varies from 60% to 80%, with a minimum of 15% and a maximum of over 90%. This is the main characteristic of earthy graphite.

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