What is Copper Clad Graphite?

Copper-clad graphite is centered on graphite, and the outer surface is evenly coated with metal copper of different contents, so that the non-metal has metallicity. Its function and effect are not achieved by the mixed molding of copper and graphite. The control of particle movement, the migration of particles, and the self-lubricating ability have a considerable improvement effect.

What are the main applications of Copper Clad Graphite?

Copper-graphite bearing, copper-clad graphite powder has uniform coating effect, high dispersion and good particle shape. According to different uses and working conditions, copper graphite bearings with different contents are selected. Graphite bearing (JDB for short) is a novel lubricating bearing that combines the characteristics of metal bearing and oil-free bearing. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, strong self-lubricating ability, etc. Low speed, reciprocating or swinging and other occasions where it is difficult to lubricate and form an oil film, are not afraid of erosion and erosion by water and other acid solutions. At present, the products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.

Copper graphite brush: It is a sliding contact body that conducts current.

The role of the carbon brush is to introduce the rotor current required by the motor operation into the rotor coil through the connecting piece on the slip ring. The fit and smoothness of the carbon brush and the connecting piece, and the size of the contact surface affect its life and reliability. In a DC motor, it also undertakes the task of commutating (rectifying) the alternating electromotive force induced in the armature winding.

What are features of Copper Clad Graphite?

1. Has a high level of thermal conductivity
2. The thickness can be as thin as 0.027 mm
3. The surface resistance of the copper-plated side is very low, ≤ 0.01 Ω, and the overall volume resistance of the material is small
4. Excellent EMI shielding effectiveness
5. Graphite side has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
6. Meet RoHS standards

What advantages of Copper Clad Graphite?

The copper-clad graphite composite material not only contains copper with good strength, hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity, and good corrosion resistance, but also contains graphite with good self-lubrication, high melting point, good welding resistance and arc ablation resistance. , So that the copper-graphite composite material in the friction material, the uniformity requirements are quite high, and the copper-clad graphite carbon brush is one of the important types of carbon brushes. Because the main components are copper powder and carbon powder, it can also be called copper-carbon alloy. carbon brush.

Copper-clad graphite carbon brushes have the advantages of small resistivity, strong electrical conductivity, fast heat conduction, arc ablation resistance, high temperature resistance, good lubrication performance, corrosion resistance, etc. They are mainly suitable for various large DC motors, generators, and collector ring motors etc. It is required to pass motors and motors with high current density. It is an ideal material for the preparation of modern self-lubricating friction parts and electrical contact conductive parts.


What applications of Copper Clad Graphite?

Use for equipment, ESD, EMI, EMC field, etc; Mobile Phone, PDA, Note-PC, Digital camera; LCD, PDP, Set-top Box

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