What are the anode materials for lithium batteries?

Lithium battery anode materials are roughly divided into the following categories:

The first type is carbon anode material:

At present, the anode materials actually used in lithium ion batteries are basically carbon materials, such as artificial graphite, natural graphite, mesophase carbon microspheres, petroleum coke, carbon fiber, pyrolytic resin carbon, etc.

The second type is tin-based anode material:

Tin-based anode materials can be divided into two types: tin oxide and tin-based composite oxide. Oxide refers to the oxide of tin metal in various valence states. There are currently no commercial products.

The third type is lithium-containing transition metal nitride anode materials, and there are currently no commercial products.

The fourth type is alloy anode materials:

includes tin-based alloys, silicon-based alloys, germanium-based alloys, aluminum-based alloys, antimony-based alloys, magnesium-based alloys and other alloys. There are currently no commercial products.

The fifth type is nano-scale anode materials: carbon nanotubes, nano-alloy materials.

The sixth nano material is nano oxide material

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