Three major packaging forms of lithium batteries

Lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery that mainly relies on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes. Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small footprint, long cycle life, etc., and have been widely used in producing portable digital products.

Lithium batteries can be roughly divided into two types of structures. Lithium-ion batteries are mainly composed of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte, a separator, and a battery casing. The positive electrode material and the negative electrode material include active electrode materials, conductive agents, binders, etc., uniformly Coated on copper foil and aluminum foil current collector.


At present, there are mainly three mainstream lithium battery packaging forms, namely cylindrical, square and soft pack. The outer packaging of cylindrical and square batteries is mostly steel or aluminum. The outer packaging of the soft pack is aluminum-plastic film. In fact, the soft pack is also a square shape. In the market, it is customary to call the aluminum-plastic film packaging as a soft pack. Some people call the soft pack battery a polymer battery. Different package structure means different characteristics:

Cylindrical lithium ion battery

Cylindrical batteries are mainly steel-shell cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are characterized by high capacity, high output voltage, good charge-discharge cycle performance, stable output voltage, large current discharge, stable electrochemical performance, and safe use , Wide operating temperature range, environmentally friendly.

Soft pack lithium battery

In terms of soft-pack lithium batteries, the requirements for batteries in consumer electronic products are developing towards a trend of small size, lightness and thinness. Soft-pack batteries are widely used in consumer electronic products such as smart phones, tablet computers, and wearable devices. The packaging material and structure of the soft pack battery give it a series of advantages. For example, the safety performance is good. The soft pack lithium battery is structured with aluminum-plastic film packaging. When a safety problem occurs, the soft pack battery will generally burst and crack. It does not explode like steel shell or aluminum shell batteries.

Square lithium battery

Regarding the prismatic lithium battery, the shell is mostly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials, and the winding or laminated process is adopted inside. The protection effect of the battery is better than that of the aluminum-plastic film battery (ie soft pack battery), and the battery is safe Performance has also been greatly improved compared to cylindrical batteries. Square batteries can be used in ordinary electronic products without problems, but for industrial equipment products that require multiple series and parallel, it is best to use standardized production of cylindrical lithium batteries, so that the production process is guaranteed, and it is easier to find replacements in the future battery.

Cylindrical, square and soft-packed lithium batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each battery has its own dominant field. As lithium batteries are widely used in people’s daily life, so for lithium batteries The safety of the battery is an important assessment to ensure that the lithium battery does not short-circuit, fire, explode, but does not charge.

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