The anode material---lithium ion battery graphite

lithium ion battery graphite, also known as rocking chair battery, its important components are positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and electrolyte. At present, the positive electrode of lithium-ion power lithium battery generally adopts spinel type LiMn2O4 or nickel-based oxide, the negative electrode is mainly graphite, and the electrolyte is a carbonate (EC, EMC) organic solution containing LiPF6. LiMn2O4 is considered to be the safest material and the cheapest cathode material, and has been adopted by many types of power lithium battery. Li(NiCo)O2 has high capacity, but poor safety performance. It needs to be modified by doping and limiting its use voltage to improve its safety performance. From the perspective of vehicle safety and battery cost, lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 has good safety and Long life is the most suitable lithium-ion battery cathode material for automotive power lithium battery.


The energy density of lithium-ion battery depends to a large extent on the anode material. From the commercialization of lithium-ion battery to the present, the anode materials used are the most mature, and the most widely used are carbon materials, of which the most important is still graphite. Graphite has a six-membered ring carbon network layered structure, carbon-carbon is SP2 hybridized, and the layers are connected by molecular force. Two different crystal structures exist in graphite: hexahedral graphite (2H) and rhombohedral graphite (3R). The 2H phase has the characteristic stacking of ABABA, and the stacking structure of the 3R phase is ABCABC. The two phases can be transformed into each other. The 2H phase is thermodynamically stable and is more abundant in graphite, accounting for about four-fifths of the total. Among the anode materials for lithium-ion battery, natural graphite and artificial graphite have always been the most used anode materials. Due to the high temperature treatment of graphite in the production process, the production cost is greatly increased and the environment is adversely affected. Compared with artificial graphite, natural graphite has many advantages. It has low cost, high crystallinity, purification, crushing and classification. The technology is mature, the charging and discharging voltage platform is low, and the theoretical specific capacity is high, which has laid a good foundation for its application in the lithium-ion battery industry.

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