Physical properties and application fields of amorphous graphite

Amorphous graphite, earthy graphite, is also microcrystalline graphite and black lead powder. Amorphous graphite does not really have no graphite crystals like his name, but its crystals are too small and have a microcrystalline structure. X-ray analysis shows that amorphous earthy graphite contains 15% to 45% of crystalline graphite, so amorphous graphite is also called microcrystalline graphite.


Amorphous earthy graphite can be divided into two types according to its output form: dispersed earthy graphite ore and dense massive earthy graphite ore.

Dispersed earth-like graphite ore is mainly present in the fracture zone or cleavage fracture surface of flake graphite ore, with a mylonitic structure. The composition is complex and unstable, mainly composed of plagioclase, quartz, graphite, tremolite, chlorite, etc. The scales are crushed and broken into small pieces, some of which are black star-like dots, and the crystal shape is difficult to recognize with the naked eye. The ore grade is low, generally 2% to 3%, and does not have industrial value.

The dense massive earthy graphite ore is mostly formed by contact metamorphism of coalfields due to thermal force. The ore is dense and black, with a series of characteristics from graphite to anthracite. Graphite content varies, generally 60% to 80%, minimum 15%, and maximum 90%. In addition to graphite, the constituent minerals include sericite, quartz, pyrite, calcite, limonite, clay, etc. This is the main characteristic of earthy graphite.

Earthy graphite is widely used in foundry coatings, oilfield drilling, battery carbon rods, steel, casting materials, refractory materials, dyes, fuels, electrode pastes, as well as pencils, welding rods, batteries, graphite emulsions, desulfurizers, antislip agents Ingredients for smelting recarburizers, ingot mold powder, graphite bearings and other products.

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