New dual-gradient graphite anode material material realizes fast charging of lithium battery

The University of Science and Technology of China team and collaborators have developed a route for preparing graphite anode material from a polymer-binder-free slurry, which can universally construct a new particle size-porosity dual gradient structure in graphite anode material. Improves the fast charging performance of lithium-ion batteries. The related results were recently published in the international journal Science Advances.

The fast charging capability of electric vehicles is limited by the high concentration polarization effect and low equilibrium potential of graphite anode material in Li-ion batteries. This study proposes to introduce a gradient heterogeneous distribution structure design of particle size and porosity inside the graphite anode material without sacrificing the energy density of the lithium-ion battery, and realize the improvement of the fast charging performance of the graphite anode material.


The research team first used a particle-scale theoretical model to optimize the structure of the graphite anode material electrode through an iterative design method simulation, and simultaneously optimized the dual distribution of particle size and electrode porosity. The simulation calculation results show that compared with the traditional random electrode and single gradient electrode, the lithium ion concentration distribution in the electrolyte inside the electrode is smoother, thus showing smaller concentration polarization and higher utilization of active materials. rate, showing excellent fast charging performance. The researchers further developed a low-viscosity polymer-binder-free slurry self-assembly technology to prepare copper nanowires and copper particle-coated graphite low-viscosity ethanol slurry, using the difference in the sedimentation velocity of graphite particles of different sizes in the slurry. A dual-gradient structure optimized by simulation and calculation was successfully constructed in the graphite anode material, and the lithium-ion full battery prepared based on the graphite anode material exhibited the same excellent fast charging performance as the experimental model.

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