Do you know what is the lithium battery anode?

A lithium ion battery is a rechargeable secondary battery mainly composed of a main component such as a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte, a separator, and a current collector. The main function of the positive and negative materials is to allow the lithium ions to be freely ejected/embedded, thereby achieving a charge and discharge function.

During the charging process, lithium ions are removed from the positive electrode material, embedded in the corresponding negative electrode material through the electrolyte, and electrons flow from the positive electrode through the external circuit to the negative electrode;When the lithium battery is discharged, lithium ions are removed from the negative electrode, re-embedded into the positive electrode material through the electrolyte, and electrons flow from the negative electrode to the positive electrode through the external circuit.


 What is the lithium battery anode material?

The negative electrode material is a carrier of lithium ions and electrons during the charging process of the battery, and plays the role of energy storage and release. It is one of the key factors determining the performance of lithium-ion batteries, grasping the lifeline of power battery safety.

The ideal anode material must have at least the following 7 conditions.

1. The chemical potential is low, and a large potential difference is formed with the positive electrode material, thereby obtaining a high-power battery;

2. Should have a higher cycle specific capacity;

3. In the negative electrode material, Li+ should be easily embedded and extracted, and has a high coulombic efficiency, so that a relatively stable charge and discharge voltage can be obtained in the Li+ deintercalation process;

4. Good electronic conductivity and ionic conductivity;

5. Good stability and compatibility with electrolytes;

6. The source of the material should be rich in resources, low in price, simple in manufacturing process;

7.  Safe, green and non-polluting.

 The anode materials that meet the above various conditions are basically non-existent at present, so it is urgent to study new anode materials with high energy density, good safety performance, low price and easy availability of materials, which is also a hot topic in the research field of lithium batteries at present.

 The anode material can be roughly classified into a carbon material and a non-carbon material according to the type of the raw material and the manufacturing process, and the carbon material has a relatively low point (generally less than 1 V) for lithium, and has good conductivity, high crystallinity, and good. The characteristics of the layered structure are suitable for the intercalation and deintercalation of lithium, and are ideal anode materials.

Graphite has become the mainstream commercial lithium ion battery anode material because of its high electronic conductivity, large lithium ion expansion coefficient, small volume change of layered structure before and after lithium insertion, high lithium insertion capacity and low lithium insertion potential.

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