Detection Method of Graphite Powder

What is graphite powder

Graphite powder is a mineral powder with carbon, soft, black, and gray; greasy, and can pollute paper. The hardness is 1~2, and the hardness can increase to 3~5 in the vertical direction. The specific ratio is 1.9 to 2.3. Graphite powder has high-temperature resistance, self-lubrication, lightweight, high density of excellent performance. Graphite powder is widely used in industrial production. Graphite powder can be used in many industries. Since many industries need to use graphite products, it is key to purchase and choose suitable graphite powder for many manufacturers who need graphite powder.石墨粉1

How to detect the concentration of graphite powder

The purity of the graphite powder can be detected in these four steps:

In the first step, two graphite powder samples were measured with a precision electronic balance, placed in a double-layer porcelain crucible and graphite ship with known weight, baked to weight in 105℃ ovens, recording the weight of graphite powder G1 and G2 and recorded the weight of graphite powder G1 and G2, respectively.

The second step is to put the graphite powder double-end ceramic crucible into the high-temperature furnace. At 950℃, time the cauldron with a stopwatch for 7 minutes. The crucible is cooled to room temperature in the dryer, and the weight of the graphite powder is called G3.  

The third step is to remove the graphite ship containing graphite powder in a high-temperature furnace and cool it to room temperature at 950℃ after 90 minutes. The weight of this material is a grey G4.

The final step is in computing the process. First, the volatile content v (%) = (g1-g3) / g1 * 100% was calculated, and the formula c of the purity of graphite powder c(%) = [(g2-v-g4) / g2] * 100%.

The above is a common detection method of graphite powder. If the purity of graphite powder cannot meet the basic requirements, it will affect the quality of the products made of graphite. Therefore, for better development, good detection is crucial.

Graphite Price

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