Carbon graphite

Carbon graphite has fine or very fine particle size and can have very high anisotropy due to axial processes. They are made of amorphous carbon and graphite. These materials are designed with specific tribological and electrical properties that can be enhanced by impregnation with resins or phosphates.

What are the uses of carbon graphite?

Carbon graphite is one of three elements of carbon (represented as "C" on the periodic table) found in nature; the other two forms of elemental carbon are diamond and coal. It is found in veins, crevices and pockets around the world, with the most abundant sources being Ceylon, West Germany, North and South Korea.

What is the identificstion of carbon graphite?

Carbon graphite is black to steel gray and has a very soft, grease-like texture. Its molecular structure is hexagonal and exists in nature as a crystalline form of graphite, while amorphous (without a specific shape) such as graphite, charcoal, coal, and soot exists.


What are the types of carbon graphite?

There are three grades of carbon graphite: flakes, which are found in the veins of rocks; crystals, also called lumps, found in rock fractures and cryptocrystalline, found in coal seams.

Is carbon graphite a metal?

Carbon graphite is a non-metal, it is the only non-metal that can conduct electricity. You can find nonmetals on the right side of the periodic table, and graphite is the only nonmetal that conducts electricity well.

What are carbon graphite materials?

As mentioned earlier, carbon/graphite and electrographite materials are porous after final heat treatment.

These materials can be used as is, or they can be reinforced by impregnating or infiltrating the porosity of the material, typically with resins or metals (babbitt, copper, silver, etc.). These impregnants are used for:

increase strength

increase conductivity

increased thermal conductivity,

reduce porosity,

Impermeable to the body so that a seal can be formed, and/or

Improve application performance.

So a carbon/graphite or graphite material is really the sum of its parts: raw material + processing + impregnating agent.

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